Thursday, 1 March 2012

We prove collaboration with authorities can work

November 2011 our charity was made aware of a horrific public dog shelter in Romania called Radauti. Like so many in Romania this place was a living hell for its inhabitants. Within 2 weeks we were holding meetings with the Mayor of Radauti and a collaboration begun.

In just a few short months there have been massive changes. 

Things still are not brilliant, but as you will see for yourself how supporting an NGO in a public shelter and collaboration with a willing mayor can achieve.

Don't give up on local NGO's.  with the right support they really can achieve miracles.  It is very easy when things seem to be going badly or even when things seem to be going very well to stop supporting a group. 
All this will achieve is make matters worse or turn back things to how they were before.

We don't want this to happen, and we will support Raduati and RGAW for as long as we can. But we cant do it without your help.

These and other groups just like RGAW need us...Please be there for us, so we can be there for them.